Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wii contest character

I'm probably going to take another pass on this after I have some time away from it. For the concept I tried to think about what sort of game mechanics would be fun. The idea is that he uses his staff as a weapon and as a tool to get around. He could do pole vault jumps, pole vault kicks, and there could be holes in the wall where he could jab the staff into and then use it to jump up higher. The game would be fast paced and focus on athletics and acrobatics (think of Prince of Persia but faster).

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Sodano said...

Thats pretty cool, man! I really like the color scheme, the whole emerald, blue, and yellow theme really looks good. His hair style is cool too, combined with his outfit it really represents speed and agility well. The only nitpick I have is his eyebrows, I think they are not streamlined like the rest of him and give him an old man kinda look (which takes away from the speedy-like details your going for), I'd say make them much thinner and with a slight curve, but that could just be me paying too much attention. All and all, very well done idea for a wii character!