Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 at once

I tried something a little weird, working on 2 pieces at once in different styles.... just a few hours on both but I think i may do another pass tommorow. (updated the portrait)


Kelsey said...

These are both really nice! I really like the top one. The composition is interesting, but I think it would feel more comfortable if you shifted everything over to the left. That, or expand the frame on the right to show more ocean. It just feels a little tight, especially on the right side by the boat in the distance. I'm looking forward to seeing these done.

Nickster said...

The top one is by far my favorite thing I've seen you do. I actually kind of like the composition of this one. It does feel a bit tight, but I think it creates a nice focus around the captain, without keeping my eye away from everything else that's going on. Nice job!