Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hippie vs Riot Soldier

Just wanted to do something loose and quick, all and all took about an hour and a half


Nickster said...

you're always so violent. Were you beaten repeatedly as a child? Looks good, although I think it could use a bit more contrast between the characters. Right now they just kind of blend together for me.

TGillette said...

What Nick said.
+ You've really gotta check your anatomy before you go to the coloring stage. Try x-flipping your drawing more often to check for flaws.
The blood looks a little more "fuzzy" than "liquid". Maybe play around w/ some more "splatter-looking" brushes.
Aside from that, cool idea & diggin the red theme. Everyone loves a good hippie beating.

cparrish said...

I agree with above. but also the black drop shadow is throwing me since there isnt any context for it to be cast on.

ry4n said...

I don't agree with hippie beating. He's just trying to spread some love. Instead of a hippie, you should have made him a Vikings fan.