Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Character Ideas

I've always loved characters, so it's about time I explored modeling them. I thought I should come up with a concept, since that's the most fun part...the theme I came up with was "Little Red Riding Hood as a super hero." Here are the designs I came up with. Two of them are trying to be artists on this blog...namely Tim and Scott. Can you guess which ones? ; P (You have to click on the image to see them all I guess.)


Scott Warren said...

Very cool. I like the first one the best. The flaring skirts tend to go against the line of action, though. That Scott B. one is pretty hilarious.

TGillette said...

Lookin good so far.
I'd loosen up those initial sketches so they look a little less stiff & try to crank out a stronger silhouette for them.
I think some of them have a slightly long torso... which is the exact problem I usually have when drawing girlies.
Costume designs are sweet.

TGillette said...

OH, and work on the fabric a little more. Doesn't feel very "cloth-ish".