Friday, February 29, 2008

Dominance War

I think this is getting close to the final design.


Kelsey said...

These are nice, Caleb. I actually more prefer the thumbs where the head is down below the shoulders more. The thumb you detailed out doesn't quite feel cohesive yet. The torso and rest of the body aren't fitting together to me. Part of it I think is that the human-like torso is clothed, and the rest has nothing. I know this is a standard centaur thing, but I think for your character it would be cool if there was some clothing or adornment on the rest of the body too.

Sodano said...

That is really cool and kinda scary looking, I really like the overall design of this mythical beast, though I kinda think the lamp and the wire leading to it may be a bit too much, it looks too impractical for an accessory (like it would smack him in the face over and over). I like the feet alot, they add a good mythical look to it. The horns are badass too.