Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nose picking vampire

Started this painting awhile ago. It's not quite finished, but I figured it was along enough to post. I yoinked the composition and pose from a movie poster...but I added in my own character from a comic I'm working on. So that makes it mine, right? Right.



TGillette said...

'bout time you posted something! Lookin great, but eyes are still having some symmetry issues.
Post more!

Dani said...

haha at first I didn't know what you were talking about, on my monitor at home, it shows the right eye area as solid black. When I looked at it at work, it looks like ass. ; P

Sodano said...

I had the exact same thing as you Dani, when I read the quote at home I couldnt tell what it was about cause it was solid black, then I saw it at work much lighter, I really liked it solid black in the areas it was on my bad monitor, so I think you should take the brightness/contrast tool or change the levels so its like that always :D I really love the color scheme, very nice, something with the pinky is bugging me, could just be me being stupid though :P

Scott Warren said...

Gadzooks, that looks good. Great lighting. I think I agree with the pinky comment, the hand looks to be missing knuckle structure around that area.

TGillette said...

Funny story, I just struck blood w/ a nose-pick this morning.
When are you gonna fix that eye?!
It's buggin me.