Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Random Ninja Girl (WIP)

Just something I've been throwing together off and on the last couple days. Still needs a lot of work and probably re-working in some areas. Lots of clean up. Also her left arm is kind of hidden along her side, so I need to find another position or try and bring that out some more. Generally just trying to get better with my character stuff and rendering things out more. Crits!


cparrish said...

Biceps too long forearm too short. Boobs too high on the torso and look pinched. The pose could benefit from some curves right now your line of action is pretty straight. also the right leg is conecting too low to the hip.

patconnole said...

the left bewb looks like it's pointing at the camera, and the right one is too pointy and points too far away from the camera. Nice try though. ;)

patconnole said...

....aaaaaand you're not ryan. I'm an ass.