Monday, March 17, 2008

Making Strangers Laugh

Paul Merrill, a buddy of mine and a nationally renowned comedian, will be headlining a show this Friday, March 21st. I did the poster. And although Paul doesn’t usually have a giant red nose like the one pictured above, he does however have one when he’s drunk, or when he has transformed into Jimmy Durante, or a WereHobo (it’s a creature, look it up) or sometimes a cross between all three, which is a real hoot, let me tell you!
If you want all the details you should go to his MySpace page here, also you can go here, and if you are still interested then take a stroll over here. (That Paul is such a social butterfly, which is amazing because he hates everybody!)


Sodano said...

That looks really professional, I wish I had the skills to layout art and posters like you do! I will have to study your stuff, great work man!

Scott Brothers said...

Thanks for the feedback! Design and layout is a tricky thing for sure. I wasn't completely happy with the font I used for the main logo, and if I had had more time I probably would have gone through another revision (this was the second or third revision I had done regarding the layout of the text and illustration).
You should check out these two sites which have really good examples of poster design: