Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Via craigslist I picked up a gig drawing cartoons for a guy's blog. He has a daily post about random stuff and he emails me telling me what kind of cartoon he wants and what the caption should be. From there I am free to interpret. It's been a fun exercise and some of them are NSFW, which are my favorite kinds of cartoons to draw. I try to vary my styles when I can, but usually he tends to prefer a more realistic approach.

I love cartooning and I've been trying to become more thoughtful about how I compose a scene, and take more time planning things out and working on my inking skills. I still have a ways to go, and I'm still a bit scared of adding value, but baby steps are good. Below are some of my favorites.


cparrish said...

awsome, just awsome... especially the god scientist.

Nickster said...

Nice work dood! Looking pretty fantastic :D

Scott Warren said...

Yeah, Dustin, these are impressive.