Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Did this sketch before leaving work today.

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TGillette said...

That's a cool looking character, but a couple things bugging me about it. So, harsh crit time:
The cast shadow indicates a fairly strong light-source coming in from his right, but the shading on the actual character doesn't show that. The shadows aren't hard enough & the highlights need to be brighter.
Also the pose bugs me. I feel like you need to explain why he's standing like that. If it's just a body-shot showing the character, he should be posed in a way that shows his personality. (I suffer from this too)
Check the perspective of his spear too, it doesn't match the perspective of his hand.
Anatomy-wise he looks good, but I'd shrink the left foot because it's slightly larger than his right foot, which is in the fore-ground & should be bigger.
I'd also look for some baggy-pants reference for the fabric on his pants.