Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First post. Be kind.

This was me trying my hand at concept art a few years ago. Robot Ninja, by the way.

I haven't done any painting in a long time. Work's kept me too busy to goof off and I haven't yet hooked up the tablet to the iMac at home.

I'll try and throw a few things up over the next few weeks with the hope that it'll get me pumped to do some more, newer stuff.


Josh Riley said...

Hey Zak,
It's totally awesome that you are posting here on the blog!

Nice work on the robot. You have some great intuition about design and art in general.

(for those that don't know, Zak has actually designed more than one of the characters in our game)

Nice work man! I'm excited to see more. (was that 'kind' enough?.... pussy ;) )

Zak said...

Next time I'll be all "BRING IT" and Josh will be all "YOU THE MAN!" and we'll drink TEQUILA and eat HOT HOT SPICY BUFFALO WINGS and SHOOT GUNS at KITTENS.

Dani said...

Sounds like Zak has been spying on our friendly group outings...

I like where this painting is going...I always envy people who can paint (what appears) so loose, and have it come together. I struggle with that.

Zak said...

That's funny because I can't deliver when I have to start cleaning things up. All my stuff starts looking like crap as soon as I start to tighten those level three graphics.