Friday, April 18, 2008

Some Paintings

Any feedback would be awesome!


Nelson Brown said...

Lookin good! The bottom one especially communicates a lot of good things in a really loose, suggested way. In general, I would work on composition as far as what your focal point is. The top one, to me just kind of looks like a background without a focal point. I think the bats are probably supposed to be the focus, but they are placed in an area where they don't catch your eye. I'd think mainly about the rule of thirds and try to place the bats where they'll draw focus.

Kirstin said...

Thankx Nelson! I appreciate it!

Josh Riley said...

I agree with Nelson. I think that really thinking about how to focus the viewer's eye will help to get more appeal out of these pictures.

One other over arching issue I tend to notice in both pictures is the lack of a focused light source. For instance in the Bat picture, I feel like most hints lead me to believe that the light is coming from screen right, but when you look at the highlight around the cave entrance, you can see that it goes around the whole entrance equally. You could also lightly hint at a rocky surface on the opposite cave wall (in the distance) that would also reflect the same light source.

Great to see you posting your work up here Kirstin! Keep em commin!

Kirstin said...

Thankx for the feedback Josh! Very helpful! I'd luv to see more of your work too!