Friday, June 27, 2008


Tried something different again. Spent a couple hours on it

* Update


Dustin said...


I think the shadow is the wrong color. Not sure what color it should be. Ask someone else.

And why are they leaning away from eachother? This implies a more complex relationship between the two than the title and setting lets on, and I think it needs to be clarified a bit. Their body language does not suggest they are too excited about embarking on this adventure together, but in fact would prefer to go their separate ways.

Beyond that, beautiful and awesome as usual!

Nickster said...

Haha, yeah, on every montior I've seen it on the shadow's a different color. I should probably work on the position of the characters a bit, I was meaning for the guy to be leaning in to look in the cave, holding the girl's hand cause she was scared. Perhaps I should find a better way to convey that.

Dustin said...

Ah... I thought they were leaving the cave. Makes sense now.

Keep in mind at all times: I may be a retard.

CP said...

nice job, couple of things that I think could push it farther.

1- character shadows should probably fade out by the time you get to the head.

2- your over rendering your midground. with this kind of idea the forground should probably be rendered as well since its competing with the bg.

Nickster said...

yeah, I actually had renderd out the foreground at one point. Dunno why I took it out. Also the shadows were fading out on my monitor. Must need to brighten my monitor :D