Thursday, July 24, 2008


The Goobers are a race of miserable little sentient vegetable people. They live in this perfect little controlled society where everyone is equally miserable. Even though all they do all day is toil under the sun mining for gems and jewels, they're so poor that the only clothing they can afford are socks. The Goober on the upper-right side has just been informed that chocolate rations are being increased from five chips to three!

This is Gramps Goober, the Goober chieftain. He's an asshole.


Sodano said...

LOL! Dustin, you are getting too good at this cartoon stuff. The comment under the grandpa saying "this is grandpa, hes an asshole" made me laugh so hard. I also love how grandpa is ripped and sports a wifebeater along with his socks.

Nickster said...

Dom's found a new hero in grandpa goober. Soon he's going to get all muscley and blue, and old...and be an asshole....wait...that sucks..thanks a lot Dustin....................jerk

Zak said...

Man, Grandpa Goober gets a shirt!! Is it made of other goobers' socks?

Also, those goobers have awesome faces.