Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Harry the Hobo Hound and Rusty


Dustin said...


A talking hobo beans can! Awesome!

Nelson Brown said...

What? No text? No layout, this is just plain lazy, Scott. No, seriously, I like the design and the concept. The emotion on Rusty is a little hard to read. Is he excited? Irritated? Might experiment with picking whatever emotion best puts his personality forward and push that.

Scott Brothers said...

I agree, I should better telegraph his emotional state, which is drunk and or psychotic mixed with drastic mood swings. This was another one where I was experimenting more with overall design and color for both. Rusty's model has already changed since I did this. I'm planning on doing a comic, so the more I live with these two and let them evolve, the better. Thanks for the input!