Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trek Star and Space Trout

Two new characters: Trek Star, intergalactic space jock/bounty hunter/reality TV show star/chick magnet. Obviously, he excels at pummeling space pirates, slavers and mutant dictators, but what he truly covets is the limelight.

And then there's SPACE TROUT!!! aka Leonard Troutsky, who was originally conceived as Trek Star's sidekick but after drawing him more I realize he's a way more interesting character and therefore will try to develop him further. He's this gung-ho, trigger happy mercenary type, who has a bit of a Napoleon complex. He's an ex-marine whose body died, prompting the government to transplant his brain into that of a genetically enhanced trout. Of course, a trout on it's own isn't very useful, so they gave him a superpowered mechanical torso with huge buff arms to boot.

Originally I had him with mechanical legs, but I wanted him to be more fish-like so I gave him fish-feet instead.


Nickster said...

I demand a comic strip for trek star and mr trout there

Sodano said...

dude, these are HARDCORE badass, I love the trout dude, he is frigging awesome! The star trek dude is really cool too, though I dont like any of the three color scheme ideas you have for him, I'd say try different palettes. The trout guy's colors work well, though! Also, as always, great dynamic poses!

Dustin said...

Yeah, the colors suck. I should just delete that pic and figure something else out. Realistically he should have some logo or like a belt or some other details on top of what I've got, but I wussed out. I'll add some more stuff later.

Zak said...

Fish feet FTW dude.