Saturday, January 17, 2009

Foot Soldier - DS Res Model

Just pissin' about in Maya again. Generic soldier to fight my girl model.


Kelsey said...

Very cool to see you modeling. This guy is really cool, nice translation of your style into 3D. As usual, proportions and silouette is great. What are the specs for poly count and texture res. He looks a bit higher than a standard DS model (400 polys, 128x128 texture). Some of those details on him like the buttons on the pouches would probably disappear on screen, or even worse flicker on and off. I think overall this guy could use some more tonal variation. Some of the details like the leg pouches are almost impossible to see. I like the lighter tone of the knee pads, carrying this to other parts of the character might help his different parts like his arms pop more.

patconnole said...

cool. what kelsey said.

Having him on a bright background makes it hard to see all the details on him.... but everything looks cool anyway.

TGillette said...

Yeah, I made him more for fun than for "DS use", so lets just call him a "low poly model" instead of a "DS model". His poly count is actually under 400, but his textures are pretty huge.
Thanx for the feedback doods.