Saturday, January 24, 2009

Low Poly 3d RatBug

Pissing about in Maya today. This is one of the peaceful inhabitants in one of the worlds in one of the many crazy stories in my brain. He's sortof a rodent/insect hybrid.
His rigging is a little sloppy, but I've opted not to care.


Kelsey said...

Damn dude, you're rockin with this modeling stuff. This is my favorite of your's so far. He has tons of personality. I love the way you handled the stylized fur. You're starting to make me feel like a hack :/ ... ;P

TGillette said...

Thanx dude!
I think it's also pretty obvious I've been playing a lot of Little Big Planet.

General Snarky said...

Niice. Has a very “Urban Vinyl” feel to it. The wings are easily my favorite part. The fur came out pretty sweet as well, works great with the body design.

If I’ve gotta be critical the highlights on the eyes are a little odd to me. With the stylization you have it almost feels like it just needs a single simple highlight, but it’s your call. It’s not anything that’s an issue just a stylistic choice.