Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Runnin Forward Dude

My take on a pretty standard forward run animation.
(Just click on it if it isn't moving)


Sodano said...

that is hardcore, good job! Love the squash and stretch on the head :D

patconnole said...

it makes me wanna barf

patconnole said...

I keed.

It's great. There's so much movement in it, it's overwhelming. I feel like a Japanese kid watching a strobe light.

Josh Riley said...

nice work. kudos for 2D skillz! biggity-biggity-BIATCH!

I feel like what's missing is a couple of frames showing a good extention of the legs and even the arms. Right now, everything feels very constantly bent.

And to be completely honest, and with no offense intended... I think that the squash and stretch on the head feels like it is trying to make up for the lack of squash/stretch in the body. I totally get where the style is going, I think the animation would be more successful if you carried the same squash/stretch into the body OR lessened the squash and stretch in the head.

It would be awesome to see the chest lead the body into the extremes (more body overlap), and to see less overall movement on the head. I feel like the head should be a bit more constant in its direction, and you can get more up and down in the pelvis.

HAHA... that's a ton of shit to say about an already cool looking piece. But I just wanted to throw it out there. I know you are always looking for constructive feedback.

So, in a nutshell, add an F'ing T-rex and give this SOB a reason to run!

Dustin Haynes said...

Thanks dudes. It's a total ripoff of the a Richard Williams run, though I wasn't looking at any reference when I made it.

Josh: As usual, you are exactly right, and you continue to remind me why animators far and wide speak in hushed tones of the one they call Josh "The Legend" Riley. Do not ever apologize again before offering criticism or I will punch you in the nuts. When I animated this, I didn't even think about the pelvis, which shows cuz it doesn't really move as much as it should. And the T-Rex idea is golden. I'll try to clean this up when I get the chance.