Saturday, May 9, 2009

30 min dinking around

In my last post I noticed that I drew a horrid head. So I decided to give myself about 30 minutes to try re-familiarize with general face construction. I think I need to go back to reading my Andrew Loomis books. Anyways, here is the result. Harsh criticisms appreciated.


Sodano said...

Compared to the animals you posted, the human faces are really bland, why dont you push the facial expressions like you did on the baby bird, or that snail, those guys had character, this lack the life those had. Also, how you did the mouth (same as on that other guy's face u drew below) is kinda weird, it is slightly open with no teeth, and kinda looks creepy. By adding more exaguration to the mouth and eyes I believe you could sell this alot better. Also, maybe vary your head shapes a little to seperate characters more, but thats more of a style thing.

CP said...

Also draw from ugly people reference, it looks like your refing comics rather than life.

patconnole said...

Yeah, maybe use Caleb as reference.