Thursday, November 5, 2009


Kelsey said...

Aha, the reveal! I have to say, I was intrigued when this was just the lower legs but I also felt there weren't enough clear hints to solidify what the legs were to the viewer. I like seeing the whole guy now. The energy generating thingie in his chest is cool.

I think you should try and repeat some shaping themes a bit more in his design. I like the lower legs and I think you could repeat some of the concave flat surfaces on the arms,hips, etc. The composition overall is feeling a bit tight. You might want to open up the image to the left. Be sure to blow out the energy beam stuff coming from his gun to white or near white to make it look bright and hot. I'd also like to see something in the foreground to use as scale comparison. A car, or people, or something else that might be smaller than this robot (that I am assuming is huge).

Sodano said...

that is really cool, man! now i kinda suck with colors and lighting, so I could totally be wrong with this, but shouldnt that robot reflect more of the red from the BG? his foot is doing it, but the rest of him is a deep purple, it seems to seperate him from the BG to me, other then that this is totally awesome :D