Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Strength Thumbnails

So this time 'round it's physical "Strength" we're going for. The idea being, communicate in one pose (with a minimum of cliche'). Keep in mind that these are planning drawings that are going to be pushed further in the 3-D pose. The idea right now is to pick which idea I want to refine. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!


Kelsey said...

These are some nice animation thumbnails. I think a lot of these are reading more aerobic than strength though. The 3 that I think you should take further however, are 3, 7 and 17. Those figures convey strength and tension the best to me. If you go with 17, I'd like to see it a bit more dynamic. He should be leaned forward more, and the log should be more upright to really make it feel heavy. If you wanted to convey more action, i would pick a moment when the caber has just left his arms and is in the air, with his arms up in the air above his head. Just my 2 cents.

Kirstin said...

i like 4 & 15, they convey strength to me.