Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Gateway into the afterlife"

the current mini-comp over at gameartisans.org

Considering I havn't done a full 3d environment at home for about 2 years now maybe this will motivate me.


Dustin said...

Firstly, this is an excellent painting. It is very moody and mysterious, and I hope you flesh it out more.

That said, the title leaves me with some questions unanswered. Is this a gateway to heaven, hell, limbo? Or is it unknown? Is this a naturally occurring gateway that people have decided to create a structure around, or was the gateway created by the futuristic technology at the top of the stairs?

On one hand it looks like a temple, created by some ancient civilization for purposes of ritual - but the contraption surrounding the portal itself looks quite advanced. It looks like the technology is creating the portal - but if that's so, why create a crappy, ancient staircase up so high if you could just as easily use the technology to create a portal on the ground? Does this suggest that there was a dimensional rift that could only be augmented at this particular point in space? I'm very intrigued, and perhaps a backstory, or some characters in the scene could shed some light on the true purpose behind this structure.

Nelson Brown said...

This is really cool. Dustin elaborated on this more specifically, but I looooove the mix of ancient ruins and modern technology. Kinda reminds me of some stuff from Lost or the Dark Tower. I think the background is kinda ambigous right now. I can't quite tell if it's a wall, or the inside of a cave, if it's close, or far away. You might have it fade to dark toward the middle, to give the feeling that there's some space behind it.