Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vive Di Notte

She Lives by Night
Once she was the hunter...now she is the hunted!

This was a fun one to do. I wanted to illustrate a book cover that wasn't exactly a straight up take on an American pulp crime novel cover, but was an amalgamation of several other source materials as well, particularly Italian horror movie posters of the 60s and Fumetti covers (Italian comic books). I like the lurid colors they use in the movie posters (especially those of Mario Bava and Dario Argento), which really reflect they way their movies actually look and feel. (Which is sort of unusual with movie posters that are illustrated; often times, stylistically, they look nothing like the movie they are promoting.)

The name of the fake publishing company, Diabolik, is a nod the the Bava movie Danger: Diabolik.


CP said...

You are getting so good at these I dont have anything to crit. I do have a challenge though. I will take a stab at a cartoony spoof piece if you take on a gritty dramatic painting.

Scott Brothers said...

Oi! You are throwing down the gaunlet, my friend! It's funny because I was going to say the same thing about the piece that you just posted. Your stuff is getting really tight, really refined.

As far as the challenge, that is a cool idea, although it makes me nervous. Do you have a theme in mind?

Dustin said...

I look forward to seeing the results of this challenge!

I also think this is the most credible of your movie poster/ book cover/tv show flyer series that you've done. With this you've done a really good job adapting your cartoony style into a less wacky/retarded theme like you seem to favor (and that's retarded in a good way). And the textures are awesome!

Scott Brothers said...

Thanks! With this one I was really wanting to do more of a straight-up cover rather than a spoof, but in a more refined style that was less-whacky but still cartoony (the only comparison I can think of is sort of like Shane Glines when he does fake covers, they're not spoofy, just in his style (although I'm not comparing myself to Shane Glines in terms of skill).

So, yeah, I think this was my small attempt to get more serious.

CP said...

ive got an idea but ill swing by your office on monday to elaborate.