Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alien Hunter

Tried spending more time on this piece. Didn't really have a deadline in mind. Ended up spending maybe 10 hours, which is pretty long for me.


Sodano said...

hey man, that looks great! such detail! its amazing!

Nickster said...

Couple things I notice right off is there isn't any bunching of the fabric where the pouches are tied to his waste.

Another thing that popped out is that his right leg looks like it's broken based on where his calf is. The perspective just looks odd.

His legs also kind of blend in with the ground juuust a bit, and I think could benefit from kind of cast shadow or something. The brightness of the highlight on himself and the plants look like the light source is pretty bright.

Other than that it's a nice piece

Nickster said...

And yes, i know there's a big of shadow underneath him, but the direction the light is coming from doesn't look like it'd match that shadow

Kelsey said...

Thanks for the crits Nick!

CP said...

overall looks really good. I think the 2 light colors are too close in intensity flatening things out a bit.