Tuesday, November 17, 2009

art test

Had an art test. I don't feel too confident about it because the subject matter was a bit out of my comfort zone for drawing, but we'll see. The background story is that I was suppose to simulate quick research sketches that you would see a doctor take down in their private journal. Materials used; ball point pen, felt tip pen, 30% and 50% cool and warm gray markers... photoshop to apply on "journal-like" paper.


Sodano said...

Ooh! That sounds like a fun project! I love the use of hatching, I say play that up as much as possible! I think u should remove the white shines however, that wouldnt be used in an old observers book, seems too modern. Also, the gun, or ship thing, the top image on the middle page, it looks awesome, but it sticks off the page, doesnt feel like the oldschool look your going for.

PFirstenberg said...

ahhh.. bummer. I already e-mailed it off. As for the white, it was first done with a white paint pen, but i lost it when i multiplied over the paper texture. I wanted to keep it in, and i'm not too worried about this looking too modern, because this is for the Halo team. You're right about the gun. That and the building were the only drawings done on separate sheets of paper. I liked how the gun looked(well, for me, cuz i suck at drawing industrial looking machinery) on it's own, but when i put it next to the building, it popped out way too much. I tried to tone it down in Photoshop, but it was taking too much time. So I just said "f*ck it" and turned it in. Sadness. I might get into drawing more architectural and mechanical things, being that it's a very profound weakness of mine.