Monday, November 9, 2009

Hammer Gurl

Finally been assigned to something rock solid, so this will be the last one for a while :P
*fixed broken back for Elaine


Dustin Haynes said...

Love all these gurly gurls you've been drawing, they are super appealing. Are you inking this in flash? Or photoshop?

Sodano said...

thanks, man! I have alot of fun doing the gurly gurl style, my goal was to be able to get something really appealing like Shane Gline's work with as little detail as possible, but I always end up dumping more detail on then I need :P like Kelsey noted I should study his extreme S and C curves more. As for what I use to ink, same as the last I talked to you, photoshop pen tool, I need to learn vector so I can actually make it instead of pretending to make it :P another awesome reference is... she does alot of badass stuff on illustrator

Kelsey said...

This one is really good Dom. Nice S curve on this one. The face turned out really well on her. Nice color palette too. I like the subtle airbrushing on her legs. You should explore this element more on future pieces.