Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anatomy Work

Since anatomy is my major downfall lately, I went to half-price books and got a bunch of books for reference on anatomy, I drew for about an hour tonight referencing a book called suicide girls, its kinda a softcore gothic pinup book, I never reference my work normally so I am very rusty at it, but I figure if I keep it up it will help me in my troubles! Please keep up the critiques! * Updated, added drawings made referencing a 40's sears fashion book.

* Another update, added sketches from life drawing


TGillette said...

Good to see you working on your anatomy. I'd say loosen up & draw the shape before you draw the line.
Also work on drawing fabric.
Then wax on, wax off & shit.

cparrish said...

Im with Tim on that one really try and start with the points of the fabric where the tension is.

Nelson Brown said...

Man, anatomy and fabric, my achilles heals as well. Let me know what you learn ; )

ry4n said...

A good way to improve your anatomy is by coming to life drawing every Tuesday at 5:00pm PST. Thank you.