Friday, April 11, 2008

Ocean at sunset


Tried something a little different this time. Worked on it off and on this morning and end of day yesterday, probably about 2-3 hours of workish
*Updated based on comments, thanks guys!


Kelsey said...

Wow Nick, this is really nice. I think the horizon needs to be lightened and softened up a bit, though, to really push it back into the distance.

Sodano said...

That is badass Nick, I still think your sunset looks like an inferno in the distance though, especially with those two dark clouds rising from it

Dani said...

I really like this one, especially the water and grass in the front. I dig the warm colors too. Only thing I'd say is that the cloud patterns look a little too similar on both sides, looks like a copy/paste/flip job. Also, some areas in them look a bit too "smudged" with a small brush, if that makes any sense at all.

Me likie.

Nickster said...

Thanks guys. Just put up a newer version with some updates, softened the horizon, worked on the clouds a bit (I actually do smudge with a small brush to get the shapes in my clouds Dani ^_^)

Thanks for the crits guys!

Kirstin said...

I really love this painting! Just beautiful.