Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Way over-animated walk cycle of a character named Stinkybear.

UPDATED 6/25: Fixed muzzle snapping problem.


Scott Brothers said...

I'm glad you posted an animation. I've thought about putting up pencil tests before, so this will kick me in the butt to do so. It's a funny walk cycle, I especially like the rear end, that works really well. If you are looking for critique, and if not, you can tell me to go jump out a window, his muzzle has a little bit of a snap at the end of the cycle and is fingers might have a little bit too much overlap. His lower half looks great, though. The feet have a nice snap when they hit the ground. He should be farting as he walks. Because his name is Stinkybear.

Dustin said...

Thanks! I tweaked the muzzle a bit. The fingers were halfassed - notice his left hand doesn't even have any.

There's a story behind him, though it's not entirely fleshed out yet. He isn't just called Stinkybear because he's stinky; Stinkybear is actually the name given to him by the other forest animals, because they are all snooty bullies who hate the dimwitted doofus. His real name is Ernest P. Bear, though he's been called Stinkybear for so long he's pretty much adopted it as his real name.

The origin of the name stems from an unfortunate truffle incident that occurred when he was an adolescent - He and his friends were all pigging out on someone's truffle garden and one of the deer, Poofy Deer, ate too many and it gave him the most horrible gas. He was so concerned about protecting his pretty boy image that he blamed it on Stinkybear, who just went with it cuz he didn't really see what the problem was. He's not really any more stinky than most other bears.

The character design for him will probably change a bit - I definitely want to give him a bigger butt.

Scott Brothers said...

I love it. I want to see the other animals! And the forest! Keep posting progress if you continue with this character and I'll post progress with the hobo hound character I've been toying with.